A day on the Thames


We all went to the Zoo today!

We had a great day at the Zoo! Thank you to all the parents that came along to help out:) More photos in the newsletter.

Amazonian villages

Today we watched a video about the Yanomami tribe and how they live in the Amazon. We talked about their houses and what they were made out of. Did you know that the… Continue reading

Observational drawing

Every Wednesday morning the children have the opportunity to do an ‘art challenge’ in their sketch books. This week the children’s challenge was to do am observational drawing of a toucan. They really took… Continue reading

Shapes shapes glorious shapes

  This morning we went out into the playground with a big bit of string. Can you spot what shapes we have made? Are the sides curvy or straight? Can you spot the… Continue reading


    In French, Miss Lucile has been teaching us about the painter Henri Rousseau. He painted pictures of jungle scenes. We learnt the French words for flower, tree and tiger and then… Continue reading


Yesterday we jumped aboard a boat and went for a trip down the Amazon River. We saw monkeys, parrots, ants, snakes, jaguars and a house made out of wood with a straw roof.… Continue reading

Ugly Bug Ball

  We had a fabulous trip to Highgate Woods yesterday, for our Ugly Bug Ball. Thank you to all those parents that came along to help!

A visit from some friendly mini-beasts

Thank you to Zoolab but such an exciting visit today.  The children were introduced to a giant snail, a milipede, a snake, a cockroach, a tarantula, a scorpion and a hermit crab.  Lilian… Continue reading

Look at our habitats

The children have been making a lot of progress on their shoe box habitats! We can’t wait to see the mini beasts you have been making at home!